Challenging times demand your Inner Strength 

We live in times of anxiety, noise, and stress.

To succeed in these times we need focus, emotional balance, and mental agility.

Calm in Chaos is a unique meditation series designed to train you to build these life skills. 

Calm in Chaos Starter

Many of us have not had a taste of meditation and would like to experience it first before getting on the inner journey of a meditation programme.

“Starter” is three simple meditations of just around 10 minutes each over 7 days to give you a taste of meditation and experience a sense of inner calm every time you practise it.  

Talks: Two talks that will help you get the best experience out of this “Starter” programme. 

Write ups: That give you an overview of each meditation and their best use. 

Meditations: Three recorded meditations of around ten minutes each that will help you get a taste of calm and emotional balance. You can access and use these recordings for life. 

Ongoing Practice:  You will have lifelong access to our weekly online global community meditations.  

Who is this open to

For anyone who would like to get started with a simple meditation practice and use it to build inner calm and emotional balance. 


Subba is a Mind Athlete and Wisdom leader dedicated to helping people live their best lives. An engineer and business graduate by training, he left his executive leadership role of three decades to focus on this mission, which he believes is important for the future of humanity and business in the digital age. 

He is trained in meditation of various styles and different healing methodologies, has a deep knowledge of ancient wisdom and the contemporary science of the mind, and has worked extensively in Asia and Middle East as a senior leader in the corporate and start-up world. His formal education is in engineering and business. 

His programmes are based on the use of the power of Silence, training the mind using meditations to build life skills, and specific tools to discover and deploy our personal Super Powers. He offers these through self-serve digital programs, group sessions and personal coaching sessions. 

He works with people from all walks of life, but mostly with leaders in business and individuals navigating challenging personal transitions or periods of stress.  

Unique to his programmes are how to integrate mind and wisdom training into life and work practices. This comes with his experience of doing this himself during his corporate life and from his wide experience of training people around Asia.  

Frequently Asked Questions

1.     What are these meditations based on? 

The meditations are ancient practices applying various contexts of contemporary living and organised as a structured progressive programme. 

2.     Is there any religious basis to these meditations? 

All the meditations here are created for secular practice – which may be used by people of all faith and free thinkers alike. 

3.     How much time should I commit for this programme?  

Just 10-minutes a day for 7 days of the programme. You may sustain this practice after the programme to build this into your muscle memory and be able to meditate without any device.

4.     How do I continue this journey after this programme? 

At the end of this programme, you may sign up for Calm in Chaos – Focus, which offers 5 meditations and 8 talks to be experienced over 15 days. 

5.     Should the meditations be practiced in a certain sequence? 

The meditations are organised in increasing order of skill. So, it is advisable to train in the sequence in which they are organised. But after the programme, you may use them in any order. 

6.     Will I have access to the talks and meditations after the course?

The content is accessible by you for life at no extra cost.   

7.     Do I need any preparation for this practice?

Just sit down in a comfortable and quiet space to meditate. 

8.     Is it possible to get live guidance from the Master? 

This programme is structured as a self-discovery experience. However, you could sign up for future programs which include sessions with the Master. You may also the Master for personal sessions.  Please write to [email protected] for further details and to set up a session.

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