The third programme in this progressive series, TRANSFORM, equips you with tools to build inner strength, rewrite the code that runs your subconscious mind and, with that, transform your life.

This programme includes a unique 1:1 session with the Master, during which you will receive a personalised mediation created just for you.  

Note: You should have completed FOCUS and BALANCE to be eligible to enrol for this program. 

Build Inner Strength and Transform your life

Develop a personal practice that you can access for the rest of your life

4 recorded meditations (25-30 min each) practiced progressively for 6 days each

10 recorded talks (7-9 min each) to be listened to any time during the 30 days 

1:1 session with the Master to receive your personalised meditation

Programme to be completed in 30 days

Monthly gathering of Calm in Chaos graduates 

Weekly online Calm in Chaos community meditations 

‣ Lifetime access to programme materials

USD 250

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