Challenging times demand your Inner Strength 

We live in times of anxiety, noise, and stress. To succeed in these times we need focus, emotional balance, and mental agility.

Calm in Chaos is a unique meditation series designed to train you in specific meditations to build these life skills, so you may come through these times stronger on the inside and equipped with tools for life.   

In a nutshell, Calm in Chaos comprises:  

Structured knowledge to understand the WHAT, WHY, WHEN and HOW of meditation. 

Training in using specific meditations for a range of life skills and situations. 

Learn to meditate without having to reach for devices

‣ Self-paced learning combined with live coaching sessions

Access to an ongoing learning community

Lifetime access to all learning materials and recordings

Meditations designed for specific outcomes

All meditations in the series are secular and are based on both ancient meditation practices and recent scientific research.

They are also designed to build specific life skills and are accessible to practitioners of all experience levels. 

The series is organised into three progressive programmes: 


Programme Structure

Use the right meditation when you need it most.

The series trains you to use the right meditation for the circumstance you find yourself in, or to train a specific skill that you wish to develop. 

This will help you to access the true power of meditation and will also liberate you from the need to search inside apps and devices when you are under pressure. 

Structured Talks. Progressive training. Ongoing practice.

For the first time, you will have a programme that gives you a complete journey to train you in the skill of meditation – and not just recorded meditations to listen to.  

Structured talks

Explain the science and practice of meditation, so you know the why and the how of meditation, including two live sessions at the start and finish. 

Write ups and tips

Explain when and how to use each meditation along with practice tips.  

Recorded meditations

Train and practise with recorded meditations designed for use in specific contexts in life and work. 

Ongoing Practice

You will have lifelong access to the content of our programme and our online global community meditations. This will help the momentum of your practice.

Monthly learning.

Gathering of all those who have graduated. So that they may continue to learn from each other and the Master.


Build Focus and Calm

Be your best under pressure


Balance your emotions

Make your best decisions


Build inner strength and agility

Transform your life

Who is this programme for

Whether you are an experienced, early stage practitioner or new to meditation, you will gain from the experience of being on this programme. 

You will relate to this if you are:

‣ Seeking Personal Growth: to build life skills and inner strength to power personal growth

‣ Facing Life Challenges: to thrive in the here and now with personal or professional challenges

‣ Curious about meditation: heard about it and want to know more and try it out

‣ Training to teach meditation: this will be the foundation programme for those who are interested in teaching this programme in the future


Programme Details

As the first programme in the series, FOCUS is designed such that with just 30 minutes a day for 15 days, you will improve your focus and calm, and learnt the why, what, and how of meditation. Together, this knowledge and practice will help you be your best under pressure. 

By continuing the practice with the recorded meditations for at least 15 more days after the programme, you will develop the proficiency to meditate without any device or app, and the skill to use the power of the practice whenever you feel under pressure. 

Learn the basics of Meditation

Develop a personal practice to build Focus and Inner Calm    

5 recorded meditations (15-25 min each) to be practiced for 3 days each during the programme

8 recorded talks (5-9 min each) to be listened to any time during the 15 days 

2 Live group sessions (75 min each) at the opening and closing of the programme  

Programme to be completed in 15 days 

Monthly gathering of Calm in Chaos graduates 

Weekly online Calm in Chaos community meditations  

‣ Lifetime access to programme materials

USD 70


Programme Details

The second programme in this progressive series, BALANCE, trains your ability to manage your emotions and make good decisions during difficult situations at work and in life.

Note: You should have completed FOCUS to be eligible to enrol for this programme.

Learn how to use meditation to manage your emotions

Develop a personal practice that builds emotional resilience

5 recorded meditations (20-25min each) practiced for 4 days each 

10 recorded talks (5-9 min each) to be listened to any time during the 20 days 

3 Live group sessions (75 min each) at the opening, middle and closing of the programme  

Programme to be completed in 20 days

Monthly gathering of Calm in Chaos graduates 

Weekly online Calm in Chaos community meditations 

‣ Lifetime access to programme materials

USD 120 


Programme Details

The third programme in this progressive series, TRANSFORM, equips you with tools to build inner strength and develop new perspectives in life. The tools and the inner strength that you will gain over this programme empower you to transform your life.

This programme includes a unique 1:1 session with the Master, during which a personalised mediation will be created for you.  

Note: You should have completed FOCUS and BALANCE to be eligible to enrol for this program. 

Build Inner Strength and Transform your life

Develop a personal practice that you can access for the rest of your life

4 recorded meditations (25-30 min each) practiced progressively for 6 days each

10 recorded talks (7-9 min each) to be listened to any time during the 30 days 

3 Live group sessions (75 min each) at the opening, middle and closing of the programme  

1:1 session with the Master and a personalised meditation

Programme to be completed in 30 days

Monthly gathering of Calm in Chaos graduates 

Weekly online Calm in Chaos community meditations 

‣ Lifetime access to programme materials

USD 250


Subba is a Mind Athlete and Wisdom leader dedicated to helping people live their best lives. An engineer and business graduate by training, he left his executive leadership role of three decades to focus on this mission, which he believes is important for the future of humanity and business in the digital age. 

He is trained in meditation of various styles and different healing methodologies, has a deep knowledge of ancient wisdom and the contemporary science of the mind, and has worked extensively in Asia and Middle East as a senior leader in the corporate and start-up world. His formal education is in engineering and business. 

His programmes are based on the use of the power of Silence, training the mind using meditations to build life skills, and specific tools to discover and deploy our personal Super Powers. He offers these through self-serve digital programs, group sessions and personal coaching sessions. 

He works with people from all walks of life, but mostly with leaders in business and individuals navigating challenging personal transitions or periods of stress.  

Unique to his programmes are how to integrate mind and wisdom training into life and work practices. This comes with his experience of doing this himself during his corporate life and from his wide experience of training people around Asia.  

Current programme is CLOSED.



Focus + Balance + Transform


1. What are these meditations based on? 

The meditations are ancient practices applied to various contexts of contemporary living and organised as a structured progressive programme series. 

2. Is there any religious basis to these meditations? 

All the meditations here are created for secular practice which may be used by people of all faith and free thinkers. 

3. How much time should I commit for this programme? 

30 minutes any time of the day for the duration of the programme is all that you need to commit. But a sustained practice after the programme will build mind muscle memory of the practice.  

4. What if I am unable complete this programme within the stipulated number of days? 

It is strongly recommended that you complete the programme during the assigned period so that you may derive the full benefit of the programme. Remember it is only a 30-minute per day commitment. But the content of the programme is yours for life, and you may continue to work with it even after the conclusion of the programme.  

5. Should the meditations be practiced in a certain sequence? 

The meditations are organised in increasing order of skill so it is advisable to train in the sequence in which they are organised. But after the programme, you may use them on the basis of need using the appropriate one for the context in which you find yourself.

6. Will I have access to the talks and meditations after the course?

The content is accessible by you for life at no extra cost.   

7. Do I need any preparation for this practice? 

Just sit down in a comfortable and quiet space, listen to the talks and meditate. 

8. What are the write ups on the meditations for? 

The write ups on each of the meditations are to help you understand the tool better. They describe the best use for each meditation and tips on their practice. 

9. Is it possible to get live guidance from the Master? 

This programme is structured for self-study together with a live session with the Master at the start and end.  However, for an extra fee, the Master can be accessed for personal sessions.  Please write to [email protected] for further details and to set up a session.


Meditation is training, and Subba is the most experienced of mind athletes out there. Subba’s meditations - of which I’ve been doing for over a year now - bring a variety of practices to actually set up a plan to understand your mind and work with it, not against it. I’ve seen Subba’s teachings connect people across continents, with his online meditation community bringing people together although they’ve never met. 

Alaine Johnson, Singapore 

Subba's approach to the practices of meditation are rooted in both personal and global transformation. He teaches us that we are part of the whole, and our collective thoughts and intentions therefore contribute to the betterment of the whole. My own work with Subba and the community he cultivates has inspired a life-giving daily ritual and transformative practice that I will be forever grateful for. 

Jennie Moctezuma, USA 

The meditation exercises have helped me in bringing about awareness, balance, calmness and so much joy that I have now become an addict to meditation.  Subba’s love, positivity and commitment to help people on this path can be seen always.

Srividya Sreekumar, India